Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sept'09 New Collections

-item code CNC0046 (bust 81 - 88cm, length 80cm not inclusive of adjustable strap) **White SOLD,
Yellow SOLD

- item code CNC0049 (shoulder 36cm, bust 94cm, length 66cm) **Blue SOLD

- item code CNC0048 (shoulder 36cm, bust 88cm, length 58cm)
- item code CNC0047 (shoulder 37cm, bust 92cm, length 62cm)

-item code CNC0050 (length 72cm)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

- item code CNC0039/40/41 (off-shoulder 100cm, bust 86cm, length 62cm including strap)

- item code CNC0045 (bust 78 -84cm, length 72cm) **Grey SOLD, ** Black SOLD, Blue SOLD

- item code CNC0042 (shoulder 29cm, bust 86cm, length 58cm) **Pink SOLD

Note : the bow broach is removable

- item code CNC0043 (shoulder 34cm, bust 88cm, length 57cm)** SOLD;

- item code CNC0044 (shoulder 35cm, bust 92cm, length 57cm) **SOLD

Sunday, September 6, 2009

- item code CNC0027 (shoulder 34cm, bust 90cm, length 61cm) **Yellow SOLD, Cyan SOLD, White SOLD

- item code CNC0031 (bust 100cm, length 45 cm not inclusive of adjustable strap) **SOLD;
- item code CNC0030 (bust 82cm, length 47cm not inclusive of adjustable strap) **SOLD

- item code CNC0028 (bust 82cm, length 69cm) ** Pink SOLD

- item code CNC0029 (bust 73- 83cm, length 80cm) **light grey SOLD, grey SOLD (sorry ladies :( )

-item code CNC0036/37/38 (waist 72 -84cm stretchable) **CNC0036, 37 & 38 SOLD

- item code CNC0032 (shoulder 34cm, bust 78 - 88cm stretchable, length 64cm); ** SOLD
- item code CNC0035 (bust 84cm, length 60cm) ** SOLD
- item code CNC0033 (shoulder 31cm, bust 78 - 82cm, length 60cm) **SOLD;
- item code CNC0034 (shoulder 28cm, bust 88cm, length 61cm) **SOLD