Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cookie's Little Fashion Tips

- item code CNC0010 **Grey SOLD

-item code CNC0026 (bust 100cm, length 75cm) ** SOLD
PS: forget about the belt, Cookie's own :P

-item code CNC0023 (shoulder 38cm, bust 100cm) ** SOLD

The details of the items above can be found from previous posts, except those specially stated are new items :).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aug'09 Collection (2)

- item code CNC0025 (bust 82 -90cm, length 70cm, sleeve 38cm) ** SOLD
- item code CNC0019 (bust 84cm, shoulder 37cm, length 52cm, sleeve 38cm) **White SOLD , Black SOLD

- item code CNC0017 (bust 64-100cm, waist 50-86cm, length 59cm) **SOLD
- item code CNC0002 (bust 82cm, shoulder 33cm, length 61cm) **SOLD

- item code CNC0012 (bust 70-82cm, length 77cm not inclusive of adjustable strap)

- item code CNC0007 (top: bust 80cm, length 50cm; bottom: waist 70-82cm, length 31cm)
- item code CNC0015 (USA size M) ** lilac SOLD, Purple SOLD

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aug'09 Collection

- Item code CNC0009 (shoulder 35cm, bust 80 - 84cm)
- Item code CNC0011 (free size)
- Item code CNC0014 available in size S (waist 75cm) & M (waist 78cm) **Navy both S & M SOLD ; White M SOLD

- Item code CNC0006 (bust 64cm - 82cm, stretchable) **White SOLD, Pink SOLD

- Item code CNC0004 (shoulder 40cm, bust 100cm) ** White SOLD, Brown SOLD

- Item code CNC0005 (bust 86cm) **Pink color SOLD , ** Blue color SOLD , Grey SOLD
- Item code CNC0001 (shoulder 36cm, bust 84cm) **SOLD

- Item code CNC0016 (chiffon material, bust 75 -90cm ,stretchable) ** SOLD
- Item code CNC0003 (shoulder 37cm, bust 84cm) ** SOLD

- Item code CNC0008 (bust 100cm, length 86cm) ** SOLD
- Item code CNC0022 (bust 100cm, length 82cm) ** SOLD

- Item code CNC0020 (waist 88cm, length 78cm) **Khakis SOLD , Grey SOLD

- Item code CNC0013 (bust 74 - 80cm, waist max 83cm, length 69cm not inclusive strap)
- Item code CNC0018 (bust 80 - 90cm, waist 66 - 78cm, length 86cm)